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Led sign p6 round Double-sidede outside size 49 "

$4 100.00
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Product Details

Double-sided round high brightness lighting case for store led display screen

Product details
2-year warranty led lamp advertising board round shaped flashing display new advertisement display
Application of LED display screen:

display, also called led screen, led video wall, or led sign, with its

unique advantages, has gradually replaced the traditional billboards,

light boxes, etc. LED display advertising has become a new force in the

media industry.
Traditional advertising can only show pictures, But

LED display/led video wall/led screen can perfect combine text,

pictures, video, and sound with high resolution, high brightness and

full color! LED display Advertising screen can easily attract the

attention of pedestrians, and also are easy to remember, which can

generate greater advertising effectiveness.
Round Led display screen now are widely applied in outside of different occasions, such as coffee shop, bars, stores,
The price With installation and programming .

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